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Location: San Francisco, CA

Hey, We're GreenGoose!

We make everyday things more playful!  We hire awesome people!

We're a funded, growing tech startup focused on changing the way people interact with the physical world. Our sensors come in the form of tiny stickers that people place on everyday objects like pet leashes, your toothbrush, your child's favorite toy, medicine bottles, even the toilet lid.  The sensors talk to web apps to make things we do more fun!  The applications are endless.. we've already launched a few fun ones!

We also recently opened up our API to allow developers, agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and leading consumer brands to create fun, lifestyle apps and games on top of our platform. We can't wait to show the world some of these ridiculously awesome apps!

We're hiring talented people to help us take on the tremendous opportunities in front of us...we hope you'll join us.


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